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Nature Spots and Historical Places

View from the Hiidenvuori Hill

Hiidenvuori Hill
Hiidenvuori Hill is located on a headland, called Hiidensaari Island. The most typical types of rock in Finland can be found on Hiidenvuori Hill or its vicinity: granite, rapakivi granite and gneiss. The main type of rock is granite, the hardness of which explains why Hiidenvuori Hill still stands tall above the terrain despite the glacial erosion.

The top of the hill rises up to 60 m above the level of Kymijoki River and thus dominates the landscape. The surfaces rounded and sleeked by the Ice Age, precipices and the crevice on the northwestern side make the hill an impressive nature spot.

The flora is versatile ranging from groves to stunted pine forests. On the eastside of the island, there is a valuable grove preservation area.

Hiidenvuori Hill is said to have been an ancient hill fort. Today it is a regional attraction and venue for events, like night concerts, in summertime. The area of Hiidenvuori Hill is owned by the Municipality and the grove area by the Finnish state.

The archaeological findings on the island show that the early man arrived on Hiidenvuori Hill already thousands of years ago.

Prehistoric Remains and Rock Paintings
In the Haukkaselkä area in northern Iitti, there are, in addition to the precious nature, three rock paintings from the Stone Age. Dwelling sites dating back to the same period have been found in the villages of Vuolenkoski and Lyöttilä. There are also burial grounds, cairns and sacrificial stones in Perheniemi and Tapola.

Mankalanvirta Stream
Shooting of the rapids of Mankalanvirta was very popular until the First World War. Even though the rapids have now been harnessed for production of power, the landscape is worth visiting. Fishing, canoeing and boating are popular recreational activities in the river area.

The Many Resources of Southern Iitti
Large, open fields, a lake, Taasianjoki River, impressive virgin forests and groves make the landscape variable, verdant and undulating. Close to River Taasianjoki you can find a rarity of the Northern flora, the European Wild Ginger (Asarum europaeum), among Marsh Marigolds, Globeflowers and Lesser Celandines.

Duckboards leading to the birdwatching tower

Birdwatching Tower of Mukulanlahti
The first birdwatching towers of Kymenlaakso Region were opened at Lake Pyhäjärvi in Jaala and at Mukulanlahti Bay of Lake Urajärvi in Iitti in the spring 2004. The 6-meter Mukulanlahti tower stands on the south side of Kupparinoja Stream, ca. 320 m from the road leading to Kuusankoski. There are duckboards leading to the tower.

The bays of Pyhäjärvi and Urajärvi lakes are significant stopover, foraging and nesting places for migratory birds. The area is also an important nesting place for demanding species of cane grass wetlands like the Western Marsh Harrier (Circus aeruginosus) and the Eurasian Bittern (Botaurus stellaris), as well as for an ample waterfowl population.

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