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Nature and Environment

Foto: Hasa Tuomisaari

The Salpausselkä ridge, which was formed in the melting process of the last glacial period, divides the population of the community into so-called "Land people" in the south and "Water people" in the north.

The wide, clayey plains in the south give way to large lake areas on the other side of the ridge. Rich forests cover two thirds and waterways one fifth of the Municipality. Lakes and the river Kymijoki, forests and hills dominate the scenery in the north. A lake and some smaller rivers and streams embellish the terrain in the south. The bedrock in the north and west parts of the region is granite and in the south and east parts rapakivi granite. The forest types vary from rugged pine forests to deep green spruce forests and groves. Some rare species of the Finnish flora can be found growing in the groves, f.ex. the Heath Anemone and the Wild Thyme. The only specimens in Finland of the European Wild Ginger are hiding at the Taasianjoki stream in southern Iitti. Common birds in the area in summertime are Nightingale, Corn Crake, Eurasian Bittern, Sedge Warbler and Western Marsh Harrier. Later in the summer, you may observe Gray Herons fishing or in the autumn flocks of migrating geese feeding on the fields.


The waterfall's sound
ages ago
was stilled
but its very name flows on
and can still be heard.

Fujiwara Kinto (966-1041)

Autumn colours on Kymijoki River

Recreation and nature

Waters cover 100 sq. km and forests 340 sq. km of Iitti's total surface area of 685 sq. km.

The abundance of waters and forests creates good opportunities for recreational activities in the nature. The grand views opening on the banks of Kymijoki River have brought many summer residents to the area. Mankalanvirta Stream with its rapids attracts anglers, boatmen and canoeists to the region in summertime.

Finland's legal concept of everyman's right gives everybody the right to roam freely in most forests and to pick berries and mushrooms within the limits of this concept. Forests and lakes offer nature trails and paths and opportunities f.ex for cycling, in winter for skiing and ice fishing. There are routes extending from a few kilometres to 100 kilometres.

In Iitti we strive for clean nature and healthy environment. Authorities monitor the Kymijoki water quality regularly and tourism is developed respecting the environment and the local culture.


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