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Iitti has about 200 km of cycle routes of different lengths. There are two national routes running through the Municipality: Route No. 12 from Nastola through the Church Village to Kuusankoski and Route No. 46 from the Church Village over Jaala and Kimola to Vuolenkoski and further to direction of Heinola.

This route provides beautiful lake sceneries and interesting attractions. You will also find several options for accommodation and cafés and restaurants for welcome respites.

Cycle Routes in Northern Iitti

The Rapids Route: Church Village - Kymentaka - Väärtti - Mankala - Sitikkala - Kausala (ca. 40 km). The trail is unpaved between Kymentaka - Väärtti - Mankala - the rapids area (ca. 12 km). Along the trail, you can explore the rock paintings of Märkjärvi and Kotojärvi and admire the river Kymijoki, which flows between steep cliffs.

Cycle Routes of Northern Iitti (ca. 80 km): Kausala - Church Village - Kymentaka - Kimola - Koskenniska - Vuolenkoski - Järvistö - Nastola - Kausala. There is a connection from northern Iitti to Vierumäki along the national route No. 46/54. Return to Kausala via Nastola along the road No. 3136 and highway 12.

Kalaksue route (ca. 18 km): Yli-Kaitala - Keikki - Koskenniska - Hautala - Yli-Kaitala, the trail is mostly unpaved.

Routes of Southern Iitti

Kausala - Sääskjärvi - Haapakimola - Kausala (ca. 27 km)
From this paved trail, there is a connection to Artjärvi, Lapinjärvi and Elimäki. The trail passes the Karrala Local Heritage Museum dating back to the 18th century (6 km from Haapakimola to the direction of Elimäki). There is also a nature trail of 3 km near the Museum.

Sääskjärvi - Haapakimola - Muikkulantie - Taasia (ca. 13 km)
This route leads us to historical sceneries; the Cossacks used to ride their horses on the roads of Muikkula. Make a stop at the Stream Taasianjoki in Saaranen to admire a rarity of the Northern flora; the European Wild Ginger. From Taasia there is a connection to Lapinjärvi.

Lyöttilä Route: Kausala - Church village - Lyöttilä - Kuusankoski - Kausala (ca. 42 km)

Route Map of Kymenlaakso and South Karelia (in Finnish)
Description of Routes Kymenlaakso and South Karelia (in Finnish)
Route Map of Päijänne Tavastia (in Finnish)
Description of Routes Päijänne Tavastia (in Finnish)
Route Map of Iitti (in Finnish)

Guided cycling tours and other sport events
Guided tours will be organised on request.
Further information: Iitin Latu, Seppo Arola, Tel. +358 40 504 8831, Erkki Haapalahti, tel. +358 40 715 7600.

Cycle trekking in the Kymeenlakso Region is organised every year in May - September. Further information: Service Centre of the Municipality, Rautatienkatu 20, Kausala, tel. +358 20 615 9600 and the Office of Leisure and Sports, Veteraanintie 2, Kausala, tel. +358 20 615 9790 and under>Leisure>Pyöräily.


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