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Tiltu of Iitti

Over hundred years ago, a Finnish American folk singer and songwriter Hiski Salomaa wrote a song about a young, lively woman, Tiltu of Iitti.

According to the local heritage, at least three women, who have lived in Iitti at different times correspond with the description. They were all dashing, cheerful women, who appeared on many markets and fairs in the region. The first Tiltu was supposed to have lived in Iitti at the end of 1860s, during the construction of the St. Petersburg railway.

Since 1986 Tiltu of Iitti has been a PR person for the Municipality, nominated every other year from among the talented, elegant, well-known women of Iitti by the Municipality and the Registered Association of Entrepreneurs in Iitti.


Tiltu of Iitti 2016-2018


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